Western Stimson’s Python


Common Name: Western Stimson’s Python
Scientific Name: Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni
Family: Pythonidae (Pythons)
Genus: Antaresia
Status: Secure – Category 3
Size: TL 900mm

—— Description ——
Pattern usually prominent and including pale ventrolateral line. Has 260 – 302 ventral scales and usually 6th and 7th upper labial scales contacting eye. Pale brown, yellowish brown to cream, irregularly marked with darker brown to reddish brown, smooth-edged, circular to elongate blotches.

—— Preferred Habitat ——
Shelters in hollow limbs, rock crevices and caves, abandoned burrows, termitaria and surface debris.

—— Micro Habitat ——
Terrestrial. Excavates sloping burrow, with expanded terminal cavity, at base of low vegetation. Several burrows may provide shelter for one individual.

The following equipment is needed for this reptile:

  • An adequately sized Reptile Vivarium.
  • A suitable heating source, ie: Heat Element, Heat Mat, Heat Cord and Heat Lamp.
  • Adequate lighting, ie: UVA – UVB.
  • Water Bowl.
  • Other optional products are also available to ensure total comfort for your reptile.