South-western Carpet Python


Common Name: South-western Carpet Python
Scientific Name: Morelia spilota imbricata
Family: Pythonidae (Pythons)
Genus: Morelia
Status: Vulnerable – Category 3
Size: TL 2500mm

—— Description ——
Large distinctive python with small fragmented head shields. Four subspecies are currently recognised though a number of distinctly patterned populations occur. It remains to be demonstrated whether these represent additional subspecies or mere colour variants. M. s. spilota (Diamond Python) (Lacépède, 1804) represents the species in eastern N.S.W., from Northern Rivers south to north-eastern Vic: Ground colour dark grey to black. Most scales bear a cream spot. Clusters of all cream or predominantly cream scales form roughly diamond-shaped blotches over back and flanks.

—— Preferred Habitat ——
The subspecies and variants of M. spilota occupy most habitats within their broad distributions. M. s. spilota and M. s. variegata (Widespread Eastern form) occur in virtually all terrains including urban environments. M. s. bredli and M. s. variegata (Eastern Interior form) are commonly associated with large eucalypts along riverbanks, with M. s. bredli also frequently dwelling in riverine gorges. While M. s. imbricata is widespread on the south-western mainland it seems to be most abundant on off-shore islands.

—— Micro Habitat ——
Shelters in hollow trunks and limbs, disused burrows, caves, rock-crevices and beneath boulders. Often encountered on rafters and in ceilings of buildings, including those in many urban areas.

The following equipment is needed for this reptile:

  • An adequately sized Reptile Vivarium.
  • A suitable heating source, ie: Heat Element, Heat Mat, Heat Cord and Heat Lamp.
  • Adequate lighting, ie: UVA – UVB.
  • Water Bowl.
  • Other optional products are also available to ensure total comfort for your reptile.