South-west Spiny-tailed Gecko


Common Name: South-west Spiny-tailed Gecko
Scientific Name: Strophurus spinigerus spinigerus
Family: Gekkonidae (Geckos)
Genus: Strophurus
Status: Secure – Category 2
Size: SVL 74 mm

—— Description ——
Member of S. strophurus group. Two subspecies recognised. S. s. spinigerus (Gray, 1842) Bears 2 prominent rows of soft black dorsal spines which become larger on tail. Iris rimmed with yellow in south, white in coastal areas north of Kalbarri and marked with intricate geometric designs. Ground colour grey to greyish brown. Broad dark grey to black dorsal stripe (with straight to zigzagging edge) extends from head or nape to tail-tip. This is peppered with small white spots, each centred on a scale. Remainder of body and limbs peppered with black spots; 1 per scale. Ventral surfaces pale to dark grey with darker pigmentation beneath throat; occasionally bearing dark streaks over remainder.

—— Preferred Habitat ——
S. s. spinigerus occupies woodlands and heathlands on sandy soils and limestones along lower west coast and off-shore islands from Shark Bay south to Perth. S. s. inornatus extends from the Darling Range along south coast and south-western interior, occupying a broad range of habitats.

—— Micro Habitat ——
Shelters in hollow limbs, beneath loose bark, on shaded branches or foliage of trees and shrubs, and among stems and leaves of grass trees (Xanthorrhoea) or tussocks of beach spinifex (Spinifex longifolius).

The following equipment is needed for this reptile:

  • An adequately sized Reptile Vivarium.
  • A suitable heating source, ie: Heat Element, Heat Mat, Heat Cord and Heat Lamp.
  • Adequate lighting, ie: UVA – UVB.
  • Water Bowl.
  • Other optional products are also available to ensure total comfort for your reptile.