Short-tailed Pygmy Monitor



Common Name: Short-tailed Pygmy Monitor
Scientific Name: Varanus brevicauda
Family: Varanidae (Monitors)
Genus: Varanus
Status: Secure – Category 4
Size: TL 230mm

—— Description ——
Description An extremely small robust short-limbed monitor. Tail short, thick and depressed at base, round in cross-section distally and bearing strongly keeled scales. Ground colour reddish brown to yellowish brown, marked on body and limbs with faint darker flecks or reticulum, and obscure darker and paler spots. Dark streak usually present, extending from snout through eye to above ear. Tail marked with larger dark spots. Ventral surfaces pale brown to pale reddish brown, occasionally spotted with brown on throat; rarely on belly. SVL 0.11 m. TL 0.23 m.

—— Preferred Habitat ——
Arid north-west and interior of Australia, from Great Sandy Desert, WA, to south-western Qld. Favours sand plains, sand ridges or stony and loamy flats vegetated with hummock grasses.

—— Micro Habitat ——
Shelters in shallow burrows, usually beneath hummock grasses. May excavate its own burrow or utilise those of other lizards.

The following equipment is needed for this reptile:

  • An adequately sized Reptile Vivarium.
  • A suitable heating source, ie: Heat Element, Heat Mat, Heat Cord and Heat Lamp.
  • Adequate lighting, ie: UVA – UVB.
  • Water Bowl.
  • Other optional products are also available to ensure total comfort for your reptile.