The REPTILE TRADER proudly sells mainly captive bred stock of the highest quality. The most popular species would be the following, Stimson’s Python, Carpet Pythons, Oblong Turtles, Western Bearded Dragons, Western Blue-Tongues, Bobtail Lizards and Green Tree Frogs.

We have also added a species and info section so you can check out what you can keep in the state of Western Australia, also download basic care sheets as well as other important documents including licensing and upgrade policies.

So whether you have a venomous snake in your garden and you need a snake relocater to have it removed we can help there, we can also provide you with gift vouchers for product and livestock for that special birthday, Father’s day, Mother’s Day or Christmas!

So remember Reptile Trader is your one-stop-shop for all your reptile needs. We have food, lighting, heating, substrates, enclosures, books and so much more! We’re situated in Rockingham, Western Australia, home of the happy herpers!!!

So call in today and say hi to the Reptile Trader Crew, Experienced staff can answer any questions or concerns regarding setting up or maintaining your indoor/outdoor enclosures for any of your reptiles and amphibians.