Reptiles FOR SALE


Below you will find a range of animals in store FOR SALE 

Please note our stocks are always changing and we may not always update this in a timely manner due to our current workload, please always call the shop to confirm what animals we have in store.

Click on one of the CATEGORIES to find out what we have. The names next to the categories are so you know what animals belong to the different categories and license levels you will need to have or apply for.

We can help you with that….

CAT 2 – FOR SALE Bynoe’s Gecko, Bobtail, Centralian Bluetongue, Northern Green Tree Frog, Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko, South-Western Crevice Egernia, Southwest Spiny-tailed Gecko, Tree Dtella, Western Dwarf Bearded Dragon, Western Bluetongue, Western Green Tree Frog
CAT 3 – FOR SALE King Skink, Magnificent Tree Frog, Marbled Velvet Gecko, Oblong Tortoise, Southwest Carpet Python, Stimson’s Python, Stripe-tailed Pygmy Monitor, Thick-tailed Gecko, Three-lined Knob-tailed Gecko
CAT 4 – FOR SALE Black-headed Python, Black-tailed Tree Monitor, Flat-shelled Turtle, Frilled Lizard, Long-nosed Ta-ta Dragon, Ridge-tailed Monitor, Woma Python
CAT 5 – FOR SALE Dugite, Gould’s Monitor, Mulga Snake, Olive Python, Southern Death Adder, Southern Heath Monitor, Tiger Snake